Writer. Blocked.

Okay. So we all heard of writer’s block. You’ve probably experienced writer’s block. But, what I wanna share is a writer. Blocked. By life. By commitments. By oh-so-many-important things. But, I must make my writing a priority. A commitment. A comittment to myself. What about you? Does life stop you from fulfilling your commitment toContinue reading “Writer. Blocked.”

How a notebook and pen saved my life.

I few days ago l, I wrote to you about My New 4-letter Word. It’s complexities overwhelmed me as I fidgeted and swore I would never do time blocks or organize my schedule. That all changed today. I’m at peace. I’m motivated. I’m calm. All because of a simple notebook and a pen. You see,Continue reading “How a notebook and pen saved my life.”

My New 4-letter Word

I started something new this week. And, I’m not sure how my gypsy spirit likes it. I’m not an organized person. I don’t really want to be either. However, I am in a glorious time in my life filled with joyous pursuits, new clients, more hours and a love for writing that forces me intoContinue reading “My New 4-letter Word”

I write for God about God

What does this mean? Do I even know? I woke up yesterday after a night of praying and that is what I got. I write for God about God. God has now given me a focus on my writing. I was all over the place. I like a lot of different things. Minimalism. Simple living.Continue reading “I write for God about God”

Being Fruit-full

Do you have peace and joy in what you are doing? Maybe you’re not in God’s will. Let’s be pruned today and walk in His plans for us!