What Inspires You?

Yesterday, I visited Georgetown, Texas, and I came across a place called the Monument Cafe.

Let me just say — the BEST rootbeer I’ve ever tasted. But, that’s for another blog post.

I ordered my standard — a decaf coffee, cream and sugar. And, this appeared:

A beautiful cup of perfectly temperatured coffee placed on a delicate doily. A dream come true. An inspiration.

Do you know how many photos I took of this cup of coffee?

Different angles. Different setups. To even asking my sister to move her phone because it was blocking my shot. She completely understood. She knows me.

What inspires you? What thrusts your attention away from the everyday and careens you into the extraordinary?

Is it a walk? Is it a good book?

Is it a cup of coffee?

Whatever your inspiration is, find it. If it’s lost, maybe it’s time to go out and look for it. Put up some posters. Put out a reward.

But, find it. You are worth it. Your inspiration misses you.

Maybe one day I’ll be a famous artist and my first show will be photos of coffee cups.

Who knows…

Be inspired today.


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