Being Fruit-full

Do you have peace and joy in what you are doing? Maybe you’re not in God’s will. Let’s be pruned today and walk in His plans for us!

New Year. New Me?

For the past few days I’ve been thinking. Praying, actually. For some focus in my writing. You see. I love to write. I love to create worlds and beings and treasures for people to behold. I love to put on paper what I see in this crazy head. But, one thing is getting in myContinue reading “New Year. New Me?”

Authenticity. Is It Real?

I’ve been thinking a lot about authentic writing and about what I see on the Internet. There are so many people saying so many things.  So many blogs.  So many vlogs. So many social media accounts.  But, are any of them real?  Yes. I believe so. I believe we are in a time of authenticContinue reading “Authenticity. Is It Real?”

Picking Up Your Treasures

Hey, everyone! I’ve been quiet for a while.  I tend to do that. I write a lot. Then take a break. Then write again.  And, that’s ok.  Do you do that? Do you get all gung-ho about something,  but then fall off the face of the earth? I was just thinking. Don’t we all doContinue reading “Picking Up Your Treasures”

What Inspires You?

Yesterday, I visited Georgetown, Texas, and I came across a place called the Monument Cafe. Let me just say — the BEST rootbeer I’ve ever tasted. But, that’s for another blog post. I ordered my standard — a decaf coffee, cream and sugar. And, this appeared: A beautiful cup of perfectly temperatured coffee placed onContinue reading “What Inspires You?”