Episode 8 is LIVE! Read The Secrets of Claymore Castle on Kindle Vella

Happy, Happy Wednesday, my sweet friends!

I’ve missed you! I hope you’ve been well in this crazy thing we call life.

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I am popping in to let you know I just dropped a new episode of The Secrets of Claymore Castle and it’s now LIVE on Kindle Vella!

“What is that?” You say.

Well, let’s get you caught up!

Here’s the one liner:

Thirteen-year-old Henri Clay didn’t know a note passed to him in class by the new girl could get him killed.

It’s a SUPER fun read (if I do say so myself!)


Family Secrets


Lies (EEK!)

A window that’s not a window.

Yep! That’s right!

So, if you want a fun read, please head over to The Secrets of Claymore Castle and start reading today.

It’s totally fun for readers of all ages.

The first three episodes are completely free to read. After that, you can purchase tokens to keep reading.

Pssssst….here’s a secret—They gave me FREE tokens to keep reading! I’m not making any promises, but I know the lovelies at Kindle Vella blessed me with some so maybe they’ll bless you too!

So, if you want to check out my latest episode, here’s this link.

I’d love to know what you think! And, if you like what you read, please give it a thumbs up and follow my account so you won’t miss out on my latest episodes.

I love y’all! Thanks for reading and thanks for your support! 💖

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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