Hey, all you writers out here!

Have you wondered how to keep writing consistently even when you have no idea what to actually write?

Marion Roach Smith is a sought-after author and writing coach who has learned how to productively write — even on those hard days.

Marion is the author of four mass-market books published by some of the largest firms in the world. A former staffer at The New York Times, she’s written for Vogue, Prevention, The Daily News, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, Discover, and The Los Angeles Times. She also runs a writing lab called The Memoir Project and teaches writing worldwide.

My friends at Ultimate Bundles teamed up with Marion to bring you a free webinar called 5 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer on either Tuesday, June 7th at Noon Eastern or Wednesday, June 8th at 11am Eastern.

In her free class, you’ll learn:

🌟 The secret to developing a daily writing habit

🌟 How to keep writing on days when you feel stuck

🌟 Why productive writing starts with a simple algorithm

🌟 What you must do before you start writing anything

🌟 How to end every writing session to set yourself up for success

Plus MORE!

I hope I’ll see you there! I’ll be learning right along with you! Just click this link below to register for the free webinar here: https://ultimatebundles.com/twtk2022-webinar-registration-marion/#a_aid=61f2bf6a038ad&a_bid=ea6e5e5f

And let’s write already!

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