“Ruling Things Out” — The “No Word” Update

Welcome to my latest edition of "Ruling Things Out - Walking with God through MS...possibly." Where I have absolutely nothing to update or share. 😳 I shared it in one of my last posts that when you don't want to get in the MRI tube because you have panic attacks and a new claustrophobia thing … Continue reading “Ruling Things Out” — The “No Word” Update

“Ruling Things Out” — Silence and Activism

I get that it's the day after a national holiday where I'm from, but I truly believe that if I wasn't pursuing anything about this open MRI absolutely nothing would be getting done about it. So my question is… How many people's medical treatments are forgotten? I wonder how many people don't know who or … Continue reading “Ruling Things Out” — Silence and Activism

“Ruling things out” — Crickets

It appears as though that when you fail to crawl into the tiny tube of death, your doctors stop calling. I'm hearin' crickets over here. But, you know who hates crickets? My mother. Who's evidently called every hospital and imaging lab within a 120 mile radius of our home. Thank you, Mom. 🥰 No one … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — Crickets

“Ruling things out” — Now what?

Actually, I don't know. I left a message with RS to see if an open MRI will give him the images he needs. It was Friday, after all, so I'm assuming that's why no one got back to me. I'm learning through all this that if I don't take the initiative, no one else will. … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — Now what?

“Ruling things out” — Well…

I've been procrastinating writing this post. I've tweeted. I've Instagrammed. I looked through my daughter's Instagram. Shhhhh.... don't tell her. Because I just frankly don't want to relive this morning. I got to the hospital. Everyone was very nice. I had a lovely time in the waiting area. I blogged about it in Post #7. … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — Well…