I’ve been procrastinating writing this post. I’ve tweeted. I’ve Instagrammed. I looked through my daughter’s Instagram.

Shhhhh…. don’t tell her.

Because I just frankly don’t want to relive this morning.

I got to the hospital. Everyone was very nice. I had a lovely time in the waiting area. I blogged about it in Post #7. I had my inspirational quote ready that I showed you in the post. They take me back for the MRI. Everything was great, and then they put that Spartan helmet on my head. Do you know the one I’m talking about? I clean looked like a Spartan Warrior. I started breathing heavier. The headgear crowded me in but at least helped to hold in the construction-worker ear plugs they’d given me. I was ready. Then they slid me in the tube, and….

I lost my…

A Caucasian woman with dark brown hair, blue eyes and black eye glasses has a shocked and surprised look on her face while holding her hand over her mouth.

Yeah. My heart pounded. My brain froze. The heaviness in my chest made it hard to breathe. It was clean awful. I was gonna pass out. I was gonna throw up. I knew I was gonna die.

It was awful.




Get me out of this tube.


It was by far the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m still not fully recovered. I have so much adrenaline surging through my body still I could probably move a car.

Now, I’m home. And, buried under a cat, a dog and a blanket, not a 10,000 lb. piece of medical equipment. I’m breathing through it, and I’m trusting God.

I emailed my doctor and told him “Heck no on the go,” so we’re looking into open MRIs now and just what our other options might be.

My next call is to RS to see if an open MRI will give him the scans he needs to diagnose whatever this is.

If not? Tough.

So…that’s where we are today. I’m gonna go take more deep, cleansing breaths, microwave a frozen vegan enchilada dinner, and go from here.

I love you all.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for being with me on this journey.

Have you ever bailed on an MRI like I did this morning? I never expected this to happen. Please let me know. I’d love to hear your experience. God bless!

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