Sometime life is…

Sometimes, life is...well... 🤬 Like really bad, people. And, right now my life... Well, I've written about it a lot lately. Here: With my possible MS diagnosis that is going nowhere. Here: Because God is with us even in the ugly. And, Here: Which is my latest post about how God hears our sighs. Every. … Continue reading Sometime life is…

“Ruling Things Out” — The “No Word” Update

Welcome to my latest edition of "Ruling Things Out - Walking with God through MS...possibly." Where I have absolutely nothing to update or share. 😳 I shared it in one of my last posts that when you don't want to get in the MRI tube because you have panic attacks and a new claustrophobia thing … Continue reading “Ruling Things Out” — The “No Word” Update

“Ruling things out” — I did it! Well…sorta.

*First off, I sent out an email that this is Post #14, and well, I can't do math. 🙂 So, here we are with Post #13. Well, I did it! Sorta. Kinda. I emailed my PCP the details about the Open MRI place I found two hours from my house. So, now we wait. tick … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — I did it! Well…sorta.

“Ruling things out” — I don’t want to know.

I didn't want to write this. Because it's chock full of feelings and emotions, and I'm not good with that sort of stuff. I don't want to be good at that sort of thing. I feel like I'm sitting on some steps being all pouty with my chin cradled in my hands. Waiting. For what? … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — I don’t want to know.

“Ruling things out” — Now what?

Actually, I don't know. I left a message with RS to see if an open MRI will give him the images he needs. It was Friday, after all, so I'm assuming that's why no one got back to me. I'm learning through all this that if I don't take the initiative, no one else will. … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — Now what?