First off…a short video just for you, my faithful, blog-reading BFFs!

So, remember back in Post #1 (if you missed it, here’s the link.)?

When I said I have a knack for passing tests?

Well, I went to RS today. That’s “Retina Specialist” for you newbies. And…

I have absolutely nothing wrong.


And, to top it all off, THE LADY TOUCHED MY EYEBALLS! And…


TMI Moment: The one nurse said it would leave my body within two days and turn my pee highlighter yellow. She wasn’t lying.

Let me backtrack a little bit.

When I got there, Nurse #1 dilated my eyes, asked me a ton of questions, then sent me to Nurse #2, who took scans of my eyes with sone ginormous contraption. Then, I was sent to waiting room #2. (I waited in Waiting Room #1 when I got there.)

Next, Nurse #3 came to get me for still another scan. These are nice and easy–not like touching my eyeballs! (Full disclaimer below.)

Then, it was back to Waiting Room #2.

Then, I went to an exam room. That’s when the magic happened.

We. Found. Something.

The tiniest of the tiniest blips on the radar. A little gray blip on my retina scan–in one frame.

Relief washed over me. Cue the Rocky montage! We found something! This was it! Answers!

So, RS called for another test… right then and there. And back to Waiting Room #1 it was for me because Waiting Room #2 was full.

RS mentioned something about an FA test which I could not look up while I was waiting for the test because my eyes were so dilated I couldn’t see my phone. Everything was so blurry I couldn’t even tell what time it was at this point. (I just tried to find out more for y’all, but nothing is pulling up on my searches. If your familiar with this test, please let me know. Thanks!)

They called my name. Nurse #2, again. I have to get injected with dye. I try not to pass out. Ugh. Letting them steal my blood and this are in the same ballpark for me.

I survived. Had another super-easy scan. Then am ushered swiftly into a new, and quite bigger, exam room.

RS is at a loss. This new test shows nothing. Everything is normal. My Vision Field Test is normal.

My “FA”/whatever it’s called test is normal.

All my bloodwork from my PCP is normal.

Will my MRI on Friday be normal, too? 🤔

Full disclaimer on the eye-ball touching: It doesn’t hurt at all. The nurse completely numbs my eye so I never feel a thing. It just creeps me out, and I’m dramatic. Have you figured that out yet?

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God bless!

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  1. Hi Dawn, first off, thanks for following my blog! Secondly, I like to say, thank you, thank you for sharing this journey, albeit probably a little scary, my grandmother had MS and I think the awareness of MS is very low, I hope you get the answers you’re looking for and I will be reading through your posts about this from the start in my free time. You’re brave and amazing!

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